Friday, September 19, 2008

a diversion from moving house.

So yes, we've been in the midst of moving, and NO, we're not done yet. Lucky for us, we were able to get out of our boxed apartment and the heat (yes, the Portland heat!) to drive up to Bellingham for the night and visit some friends and leave the chaos at home behind. We wandered down to the Fairhaven area by the water and stopped at a little coffee bar for a mocha and a scone. To my delight, it wasn't your average Starbucks fare. The white chocolate and berry scone was soft, warm, and delicious. The mocha was topped with good creamy foam and not one bit burnt. 

The coffee bar was modern-ish with warm walls and leather furniture, with tall windows to let in the light and plenty of space for quiet conversation. The staff was very friendly and confidently knew how to make a good coffee. Sometimes it seems to me that you get one or the other - a friendly barista who makes a burnt coffee, or a snobby barista who makes a super good coffee. I love it when you can have it both ways. 

It was a nice change from the usual fast-paced, crowded coffee atmosphere that we had found so far in Portland, and our little Bellingham getaway was just what I needed to work up the energy to tackle the mess at home.

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