Sunday, December 28, 2008

a pleased-as-punch christmas.

Hello again, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I know I sure did. There were moments of stress (both Andy and I were working) but our family-time was high-quality and memorable which left us with smiles on our faces and love and gratitude in our hearts. We were and are very blessed to have such loving families.

How can you put such precious times into words? It's hard for me to do that, it's as if one can't quite convey the gravity of meaning within the bounds of the English language. My mom gave me a beautiful engraved Christmas Memories book last Christmas that takes me forever to fill out because I have to choose my words so carefully. I want to ensure that we remember each year with some clarity, even 40 or 50 years from now, and when our kids read it, they'll be able to imagine what it was like.

All the traditions I love were still alive and well, although they have begun to take new shapes and forms. Our traditional Christmas Eve basic tomato soup became Barefoot Contessa's Roasted Tomato Basil, Christmas Day was spent mostly with my in-laws, and both families came together in the evening to see a Christmas movie (Marley & Me). Even though traditions are changing a little bit, my mom reminded me that my 11 year old sister is still in the prime of her Christmas-memory-making years, and that we have to be just as excited about new traditions as we are about the old ones. She already loves family tradition just as much as I do.

I treasure my memories and laugh out loud when I think of them (boingers), and now leave you with some snapshots taken with borrowed cameras that will hopefully bring a smile to your face too.

I loved this. Andy's grandma's tree had frames with family photos. I am definitely going to borrow this idea.

Our cookie party was a hit! As you can see, someone has snatched a few from the bottom left corner. I think they were pumpkin chocolate chip...

One of my best gifts! My sister (the one with the hands over her face to hide laughter) bought me awesome pink slippers! The consensus is that I look like a muppet...I adore them! It was so good to see my little sis - I stayed a few extra days after Andy went back to Portland and she and I slept together like old times, when we were younger we shared a bedroom and a bed for many years - lots of sleeptalking and drooling :)

Grandma Beaman's vintage angel tree topper, what a doll!

Christmas Day Coffee - I had at least six cups and was feeling a bit feverish by the end of the day! I think Andy's dad and I probably drank a few pots between us. With flavors like Coconut Creme and Chocolate Hazelnut, how can I resist?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookie Coma.

Welp, my camera is offically busted, so I have to post pictures that don't belong to me to illustrate my points. (See above: courtesy Martha Stewart)

We are leaving for Meddy on Saturday, weather permitting, and all the girls are planning on getting together for a cookie swap party on Monday night. I'm so excited! Last year we had so many cookies that it was almost painful to finish them all (don't worry, it didn't stop us)

I watched a slideshow on on HOW to throw your own cookie swap party. Like I need directions? Bake cookies, eat some, bring them to party, eat more, send the rest home, eat the rest! I will say, however, I always appreciate her attention to details. If you'd like to host a cookie swap and want to do it Martha's Way, you should take a moment to watch this lovely slideshow. Take Notes. For notes, you'll need a beautiful fountain pen, a lovely sheet of fine linen stationary, preferably monogrammed, and put on your best cashmere sweater. Delightful!

I'm planning on borrowing someone's camera to document our cookie fete, so hopefully I will be able to post pictures next week.

14 days 'till Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mission Cookie-Obsession Accomplished.

So continues my exciting Candy Cane Joe-Joe's saga.

Returned a very gross bottle of wine to TJ's and exchanged it for another box of Joe-Joe's. Yipee! I said it was to take home during Christmas to share. Ha!

Andy and I went to do homework today at the Ace Hotel in downtown. I took a few Joe-Joe's wrapped up in foil and dipped them in my stumptown coffee...heeaaavennnn!
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