Thursday, January 22, 2009

beachin' around at the coast...

Last Sunday around noon, we decided to skip our icky-weather plagued city and head to Cannon Beach for a few hours of fun. To our surprise, it was a gorgeous day! Sunshine and light wind, perfect winter beach weather. We had never been to Cannon Beach before and thoroughly enjoyed the little town. We packed a picnic of tuna on sourdough, chips, and granola bars and ate at Ecola Park, then drove down into town and checked out the shops and beach area. After we watched the beautiful sunset (the green flash still eludes me!) we ate some clam chowder and fries before heading home. Oh, and a stop at Dairy Queen in the middle of nowhere for some ice cream. Our sad little picnic almost blew away.

This is a taffy machine in case you were curious. Don't be fooled - it was still cold.
Mmm, chowder & fries.

Why Dairy Queen, you ask? I have this notion that everytime you go to the beach you have to have ice cream. Even if it's freezing. To carry on this untraceable tradition that's in my head, we went searching after clam chowder for some, but being a Sunday night, all the shops had closed! There were at least two places on the main drag that we could have had a delectable scoop of Umpqua heaven, but we waited too long. Hence the stop at DQ. It's tradition people!

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