Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas crumbs...

Snow is falling in Portland once again as we prepare for another 10 weeks of classes starting tomorrow. Remind me again what possessed me to sign up for an 8am class during winter?
I finally finished filling out my Christmas Memories book. I think I wrote on almost every single line trying to squeeze it all in...
I'm very happy with the results.

These were my only decorations out this year. Since we spent the majority of the holiday in Medford, it didn't make sense to get a tree, etc. So we just built a little shrine on top of our bookcase :) Mom gave us the nativity scene last year and it's my perfect style - vivid colors and kinda vintage-y. Plus it's all in one piece so I don't have to worry about losing any important characters! The tree topper is held up by a spatula in a canning jar and the berry strand and tins were on clearance at Joanne's last year. I used some linen and sheer gold fabric which is actually keeping more true to the Christmas story because Jesus was born in the desert, not in the snow. I think we all know that.

My evenings have been consumed by the Gilmore Girls on DVD, seasons 3 & 4. It's really addicting and I should have started it sooner so it won't get in the way of studying, but I know it will...maybe I should just pull an all-nighter and watch every episode so I can get on with my life? But that doesn't sound as fun as a few episodes every night.


  1. nice photo editing! isn't it great??!! PS I'm jealous of your christmas book:)

  2. I am loving the photo editing! Thanks for introducing me to it :) and I do think you need a Christmas book too!

  3. I have been doing the VERY same thing! I am the end of Season Four...looking at my week, I might graduate to Season Five by Thursday....kind of exciting:)

  4. I know but, gulp, I just finished season 5 and I have no more dvds!! I feel like my life is over!


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