Thursday, February 26, 2009

margaritas and moving.

We're back from Mexico. It was such a great trip - relaxing, sunny, fun, etc. etc.! The resort and beach were gorgeous and the weather was as perfect as could possibly be! We were all so impressed with the rooms and views and the upkeep of the resort.

You know when you see pictures online of a place then you get there and it's kind of disappointing? This was not like that at all. It was exactly like the online pictures. It was also a huge bonus to be spending a whole week with my parents and little sis, and quality time that we don't get much of nowadays. We are so thankful they invited us to go with them.
What did we come back to? Cold weather; rain. Moving. Finals. The sad little piggy bank. The usual, I suppose. BUT, dangit, I've got a wicked tan, and a new ceramic mexican butter dish, so that means there is hope, lots of it! That reminds post a picture of the adorable little thing (the butter dish, I mean. Not me, ha!)
We move next Wednesday, so I'll be re-situating myself and re-nesting in a new place, which I am actually very excited about. The kitchen is a smaller area, but get this, with granite countertops. And a full size stove!
The area we are moving to is in North Portland. I'm a little nervous about it, just like I was nervous living downtown at first. I hardly go across the river as it is, and to be living over there will be a new experience.

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