Thursday, March 5, 2009

ant drama. so rude.

My thoughts today have been - "I need to post something about our move and our new house!"

Can't find the camera, so no pictures yet. My mind immediately recalled the email I sent earlier today to my friend Jessi about why I did not call her back last night. I thought it would sum up my initial thoughts about my state of mind.

"Did you go to bed early? I didn't call you back because last night I came home after class to tons of ants in my kitchen, which you know me. I told Andy that I take ants very personally - they are so rude, and they don't get the hint! I couldn't take my first night in this strange place with ants having free reign and basically a party at my expense. Rude!!!!! So I got back into the car and went to Fred Meyer and bought Terro liquid and Terro traps and put 15 little squares of the stuff lining the window sill, it's solid death. Then I noticed that the screen isn't even attached to the window that they are getting in through, and so basically it's an open door directly from the grass since we are in the basement apartment! Sucks big time! So I got home at 11 and thought that might be too late. Good story, huh!? ;)"

I'm optimistic. It can only get better from here, as long as this Terro does the trick. Is it weird that I actually pray for the ants to please, please leave?


  1. that seriously sucks!!!! i'm so sad for you! what do you think of the new place?(minus the ants)

  2. We've had several ant invasions in the past in our wee abode. Big fat ones from the ceiling, an army of minis in the back door and the most horrific tons of little ones dropping out of our bathroom fan! There was a nest in the attic. I also have three boys and you never know where they have left some sort of sticky,sweet goober to attract the ant armies! Good luck!

    I love Portland...the photos of Cannon Beach made me long for the coast, but maybe when it's warmer! lol


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