Monday, March 23, 2009

California Rolls!

Hello! I'm on my spring break this week and I'm spending it in Jacksonville with my family = sleeping, reading, movies, yummy food, refreshing walks, etc. etc. I'm taking advantage of the downtime before I start another 22-credit term on Monday. No guilt here!

I guest-blogged (my first time!) on my good friend Tiffany's site on how we made California Rolls at her house a few weekends ago for the whole gang. It was way easier than we thought and thus we think everyone should give it a try. Check it out!

I also have been snapping a few shots here and there at home - a really good baked tortellini my mom made, pictures of the old cemetery, etc. that I will post if i can get off my tuckus. That's a big IF, just letting you know.

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  1. good times in the neighborhood...even if we didn't eat til 9:30 and half of the dinner was a flop;) i've been have REAL GOOD luck this week with Luke and Whit here...for some reason everything has tasted divine!


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