Monday, May 18, 2009

La Spokane

We took a road trip to Spokane last weekend to visit my dearest friend of 15 years and her family. It is so strange to have friends with kids used to be strange to have friends that were getting married, and now it's the children that throw me off. My girlfriends have adorable bumps for half a year and then POP, here's a beautiful little human being that they are responsible for! Yes, I'm aware that it's one of the most basic life processes, but still! It's like magic. Or a miracle.

Hannah and her new friend the ladybug.

The little adventurer, Daniel

Anyhoo, we enlisted the husbands to watch the babies while my friend, her mom (and my 2nd mom), and I went to a new french bistro/cafe in downtown Spokane. I'm sure we've all been to those places that have attempted to replicate some sort of experience gastronomique, but just don't pull it off. I'm thinking especially of "English" tea houses and european cafe/bistro places. More often that not I leave saying "eh......". This place was pleasantly different.

When we finally decided what we wanted to eat, to be sure that we had the proper proportion of foods that were sweet and savory, we ordered a croque madame, a greek omelet with roasted potatoes, a Raspberry croissant and a cranberry-orange scone. To reward the husband for babysitting, I brought him a homemade maple bar and a coffee.

Inside Madeleine's

The pastries were so good. The scone was delicious, but really the maple bar took the cake (no pun intended), even after sitting in a box for a half hour before we arrived home. It was baked instead of fried, with homemade maple frosting, and it was huge. I didn't get a picture and I'm so sad about it. Just trust me, this thing was good.

We had so much fun in Spokane - good friends, food, and weather. It was so nice to get away!

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