Monday, August 24, 2009

patchwork quilt and a garden party

I finished this patchwork blanket tonight to give to my friend Jess, who just had her first baby, an adorable little guy named Mason. For her shower, I cut a bunch of squares and asked the attendees to write a little message using a fabric pen. It was fun! Everyone came up with inspiring and sweet messages. I patched them together yesterday afternoon, and today I stitched it to its flannel backing and finished it off with a satin binding. I'm excited to give it to her.

Unfortunately I don't have a good spot set up for sewing at our new place just yet, so I attempted it on the floor. Although I couldn't do it for hours on end because it starts to give me a backache, it works out great for small batches or projects done in increments.

Speaking of Mason, here he is. Isn't he precious! I had to leave the hospital early before I got to hold him, but I'm going home on Wednesday and then I'll get in some high-quality-baby-cuddling time. I can't wait.

Last night we attended a small garden party at a beautiful southeast home where a friend was housesitting. It was basically our dream house, everything about it was just amazing. Very tastefully and thoughtfully decorated, but when I learned that the owner was part-French, it all made sense.

I want a garden like this some day! We were also invited to "share" their keg of IPA and uncork some ex-cellent wine. We all brought dishes to share; hummus with soft pita, chips and salsa, brazilian cheesy bread (I forget the real name), fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from just a few steps away, tiny grapes grabbed from the arbor above our table, and a roasted chicken. The chicken was our contribution, as it has been for the last few get-togethers. Everyone loves it, so I think chicken is going to be our "thing".


  1. Have you blogged the recipe? Or is it a secret? :)

  2. Well...our chicken is prepared especially for us by Costco, Safeway, or Whole Foods :). But I do have a recipe from my uncle for a lemon and herb chicken which I should try out next time!


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