Tuesday, September 22, 2009

rock & roll, baby!

This is what I'm currently up to for my sister-in-law's upcoming baby boy, due end of October. Pattern is from Sublime Stitching, bibs in a five pack from Ikea, supplies from Fabric Depot. I hope to be done soon. The project started out roughly; I didn't really know how to embroider at all! To my rescue came my aunts, mom, and cousin Stefi, who during their visit last weekend helped me salvage it by teaching me some real stitches. Thank goodness for family.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Notes from a Small Island

I can't believe this is still floating around in cyberspace...if feels like forever ago! It's my blog journal that I created while I was living in England with my Aunt and Uncle in 2004/5. It was the experience of a lifetime, and everything I wrote takes me back to that time and also chuckle a little bit at my silly self. I need to print all the pages off and get them bound so they last in case the internet goes the way of the Dodo. I'm a little curious about what happened to my updates at the end; we took the most amazing trip to Cornwall and I didn't write anything about it...I'm confused! I'll do some digging. Cornwall is the coolest place.

I also still get updates from Webshots on a monthly basis that tell me how many people look at my pictures, and even 5 years later, there are still about 90-100 views per week! It's crazy!

Disclaimer: Here's the problem with the name of this site, which I only realized way too late to change it. I'm a little irritated at myself still for this...The name of the web hosting site was 20 megs free, which "megs" is the amount of memory. Megs is also my nickname. And I was 20 at the time. So basically people unfamiliar with web hosting stuff might assume that I named my site 20 (age) Megs (me) Free (implying I was in a prison?) I feel bad for certain people who may have thought this was the case, and I have some specific faces in mind. Oh well *sigh*.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

two ways to feel refreshed and recharged.

We always feel refreshed after 1) visiting our family 2) a trip to the coast. So blessed to do both in one weekend!

Andy had the weekend off to relax before the coffee shop grand opening next weekend and things get really crazy. We decided to drive down to Jville to visit the family, including the newest member, Charlie Samuel Houdini Lee. He has everyone smitten. And my sister is starting 7th grade! How and when did this happen? She is our baby-it's a little traumatic for us all.

Our in-laws situation is unique in the best kind of way. My parents moved in next door to Andy's parents when I had just graduated high school, so they have been friends from even before Andy and I were even introduced two years later. We had a BBQ in the Kimmelshue backyard with a full moon rising over the mountains.

The last of Kay's hydrangeas - her yard is always beautiful.

From there we drove over to the coast and stayed at a little B&B in Seal Rock. We travelled up Highway 101 and enjoyed the majestic beauty that is the Oregon Coast.

Yaquina Head, half-mile hike up to the lighthouse...

What did I see? This...

Andy amongst the trees. Enjoying a beautiful afternoon beach stroll...
And a few leaps of joy!

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