Sunday, September 6, 2009

two ways to feel refreshed and recharged.

We always feel refreshed after 1) visiting our family 2) a trip to the coast. So blessed to do both in one weekend!

Andy had the weekend off to relax before the coffee shop grand opening next weekend and things get really crazy. We decided to drive down to Jville to visit the family, including the newest member, Charlie Samuel Houdini Lee. He has everyone smitten. And my sister is starting 7th grade! How and when did this happen? She is our baby-it's a little traumatic for us all.

Our in-laws situation is unique in the best kind of way. My parents moved in next door to Andy's parents when I had just graduated high school, so they have been friends from even before Andy and I were even introduced two years later. We had a BBQ in the Kimmelshue backyard with a full moon rising over the mountains.

The last of Kay's hydrangeas - her yard is always beautiful.

From there we drove over to the coast and stayed at a little B&B in Seal Rock. We travelled up Highway 101 and enjoyed the majestic beauty that is the Oregon Coast.

Yaquina Head, half-mile hike up to the lighthouse...

What did I see? This...

Andy amongst the trees. Enjoying a beautiful afternoon beach stroll...
And a few leaps of joy!

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