Sunday, February 7, 2010

sourdough sketch.

Do you think the forks look similar? Maybe not. It's OK. I'll get better!

I took a non-credit drawing workshop class at PCC put on by Jill Goodell and I spent three hours shading a pomegranate the size of a volleyball. She said, "Well, I am just so impressed that you took on such a huge project!" Code: Who do you think you are, Picasso?

She led a great class and one of the best tidbits of advice she gave us was to draw during normal daytime activities - like breakfast. Hence the fork.

What I am eating on the above plate is a new staple that I have incorporated permanently into our diet: The Sourdough Starter.

I made a jar of starter at a DIY fair in November and, miraculously, it is still alive! My first attempt met with failure. About two years ago, I made a big batch of starter and mixed it into a big mason jar on the counter, covering it with cheesecloth and leaving it to do its work. I felt so domestic! About an hour later, I heard a weird sound coming from the kitchen. I assumed that it was the dishwasher and promptly forgot about it.

A while later, I heard the sound again. Curious, I walked into the kitchen and there was the starter, which was bubbling out of the cheesecloth and had covered the counter in a gooey floury mess, even dropping onto the floor. In my excitement I had made too much and covered it too tightly. Sorry, Sally!

But this starter has been much more of a success and has become a great pal in the kitchen. Starters are so fun - you can subtly change the flavor, the amount, and use different things to feed it with depending on what you have on hand.

I found that my sourdough pancake recipe and starter feeder most similarly resembles Kimi Harris' at The Nourishing Gourmet, so rather than type out another recipe that is pretty much duplicating hers, I'll send you to her site: Sourdough Pancake Recipe .

Interested? Sarah from Sarah's Musings also has a great "'Definitive' Guide to Sourdough" that is helpful and entertaining.

Happy Fermenting!

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