Monday, March 15, 2010


My cousin Stefanie introduced me to this weekend - it made me long for summertime, when a jacket was optional and just a thin cardi would suffice.

We went through the dress list and everything yours truly chose Stefi classified as "grandma dresses". Hey! Okay, yeah it's true. But there are so many excuses for buying a cute dress, all of which are excuses I could legitimately use because I have a busy summer filled with:

Antique shopping after a trip to the Farmer's Market...

And a summer concert in the park, or for having a dinner on the patio at a schmancy restaurant...

A trip to the beach, or maybe walking through the Washington Park rose gardens...

Eating Sunday breakfast at Tin Shed...

A fancy summer wedding...
And a late-night concert or night(s) on the town...

Looks like I need to get saving!


  1. none of the photos you chose would show up on my computer :(. i do love modcloth. SO many cute things. you should check out ruche too. i think the address is (or...maybe just google it). it's kind of like forever 21 with an anthropologie twist...with prices just a bit more than forever 21.

  2. Oh sad! Well it's a pretty cute site...I'll have to get on and see Ruche too, I think I may have heard of it. I haven't been a big internet shopper but I think I might need to start :)

  3. if i had known i would get mentioned i would have been readin this a long time ago! nothing i like better than hearing about myself! woohoo! that pretty green dress is not grandma-y at all! good job!

  4. Well you've been mentioned TWICE already in the history of my blog! I gave you credit for teaching me how to embroider! I'll do a special post just for YOU when we come to Astoria.


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