Thursday, April 1, 2010

spring break part three (jam-filled cupcakes with tangelo glaze)

We got together with our Meddy friends for American Idol night that also included steak, green beans, bread, and these little beauties. Only they weren't so little.

One of my dearest friends, Jessi, is a pastry chef. She makes amazing treats and beautiful cakes. If you're in the Rogue Valley, you should call her next time you need a cake. You really should.

These jam-filled delights are from Martha Stewart's cupcake book. There is a version of the recipe on Martha's site that you can visit HERE. These are covered in a tangelo-glaze.



  1. oh my goodness! these look uh-may-zing! too bad i started my healthy eating plan today :(.thanks for the book suggestions, ill definitely check them out.see you next tuesday...hopefully i wont freak out and get to nervous when i tell my story :).


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