Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet Renaud...

So, many of you know that we are planning a trip to Europe this fall. We're waiting to do any serious planning until after school is over and done (tomorrow! woot!), but we DID reserve something spectacularly fun.

Introducing...the Renaud 8000!

Renaud 8000 :
3/5 + 1 persons - 2 cabins
Length : 8.00 m - Beam : 3,00 m.


Headroom salon : 1,95 m, cabins : 1,9 m.
Water tank : 350 litres.
Sleeping : Aft cabin : 1 double berth + 1 single berth + 1 child's bunk bed.

Salon : settee converts to double berth. Comfort: 1 shower, 1 WC.
We'll be taking this little beauty for a spin (ok, a 4mph troll) down the Burgundian Canal du Nivernais for 7 days in October.
Could I rock this look en Francais?

Jane Roarty


  1. That sounds amazingly relaxing and I think the hat is a must!

  2. sounds like there's just enough room for us!:)

    and YES! you can totally ROCK that look!

  3. If it's fun, then we'll plan another trip for everyone!

    Oh, and the hat is almost exactly like the one I bought in Hawaii that *disappeared* and I am still so sad about it.


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