Monday, June 28, 2010

second wedding of the season!

First of all, I have so many things to write about!

I'm only going to handle two tonight.


A few days after my cousin's wedding, featured a few posts ago, my other cousin had her baby! A sweet, perfect little baby girl named Ellie Kay. She was 8.8, 20.5 inches. And I had the honor of videotaping the whole thing. It was a special experience, as I stayed with her up until the birth and a few days after. Such a funny thing, we have pictures together running around when we were little girls, and now she has one of her own. I wonder if our kids will be as close?

The birth itself was a positive experience for everyone involved; the doctor and staff were helpful and supportive, and the environment was relaxed and family-oriented. I came home that night from the hospital and was still running on adrenaline, so I started on lasagna and manicotti at 10 p.m. to stash in their freezer for those nights when she can't-or doesn't want-to cook.

I miss little Ellie already!


Second wedding of the season! A lovely, thoughtful wedding of one of our home community couples that was just a pleasure to witness and a fun-filled evening with good company. You could definitely feel the love present through this whole affair.

David & Kim Sheern


Artemis catered. It was glorious.

Pulled pork sliders.

I kept stalking her for a picture, but she was too fast!

Oh, the Sangria. It was good.

Jackknife - a local PDX bluegrass band.

Now why is Lauren's plate (scroll down) so perfectly arranged and mine is just PILED?

Coffee favors.

We got to take home the centerpieces. They are stunning, and I really don't want mine to die.

Congrats, David and Kim!


  1. Wow! You got some really great shots! I think maybe you've missed your calling as a wedding photographer :). And I lime your piled plate just fine. I wish I wouldve piled mine a bit more because that salad was so freaking good!

    And what a special experience to be there for ellie's birth. She's so sweet and you're so sweet to make them extra meals. I'll do the same for you when you have a little one... Hope you like manacotti :).

  2. Ok, first of all I love your new layout!
    Second, that is one adorable baby! What a fun experience for you!! I hope your babies are close too, cause that sorta means maybe you'll have one soon right?!? haha...ok, you get that enough :)

    And third....that food looked incredible. WOW.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    The whole meal was ah-mazing. The wedding was a blast. I'm so glad most of the HC made it so we could all party together. And yes, I like any pasta! :) I had actually never made it before that night, but it was really easy!

    Well, Krystle, you got me. It will be sooner rather than later, but not TOO soon, if you know what I mean :) Glad you like the new layout. I finally had some free time to sit down and play around and I love the results!

  4. That makes me smile :) :)


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