Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chloé Boots.

Don't even ask what I was doing on Net-a-Porter. I so wish.

But these Chloé boots are gorgeous and I know I would wear them every single day. I'm thinking Monica in that Friends, The One With Monica's Boots, where she bought the really expensive boots and they were so uncomfortable but she had to wear them to make it worth it...

That would not happen with these.


  1. I found the perfect boots in switzerland in december and I did not buy them and I am STILL regretting it. I picture how awesome they would look on my feet and mutter disparagingly at the shoes i have on. Learn from my mistakes! Or at least this one...

  2. I searched these boots thinking..."maybe for her birthday we can all go in?!..." ahhh yeah I love you that much but I don't think we have enough friends to go "in". Sorry friend...let the window shopping commence


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