Friday, August 13, 2010

Mason's Birthday

My dear friend Jessi's son turned ONE last week.

I can't believe it...I feel like I was just back home sitting with her family in the hospital waiting room and doing a mini counted cross-stitch of a teapot to help pass the time.

That's one thing I've learned from the births I've been fortunate enough to attend. Even when labor is "moving quickly," it's still s-l-o-w, especially when you are so excited to meet the new little person!

Mason is hilarious. He will be just like his mom and dad - so funny that I usually end up laughing through tears.

Jess put together a barnyard-themed party with so many creative ideas: bales of hay, salad served in toy wheelbarrows, candy in tin pails, etc. She's also a pastry chef and created a cow-themed chocolate peanut butter (although I had to eat around the PB) cake that tasted divine.

How did I get such creative friends?

He enjoyed the tissue more than the gifts.

Oh, and he got his first drum set.

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