Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Morocco: beautiful chaos.

I've been stuck in France for a while, haven't I? There's a ton of great experiences to write about France left, and Italy for two weeks after that, but first here's a little distraction. Our trip was just so overwhelming and so rich with experience that it's hard to me to write about in one little column. After all, we have 5,000 pictures!

We took the ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco and were met by Andy's aunt and her friend to visit their home in Rabat. We had an amazing visit, like nowhere I've ever been before. It was a crazy and beautiful country, with kind people and a completely different way of living.

Bargaining is a part of culture...and I hate it! I'm twirling my hair out of sheer stress.

Henna in Rabat with Aunt Sue

Andy bought a pair of boots from these guys for a great price!

Lambs everywhere, being taken home to be fattened up for the Eid.

Our cooking class in an old riad in Meknes. It was so fun!

Our home cooked meal: baked chicken with preserved lemons and olives, with a lentil stew, and fresh bread. And of course, mint tea.

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