Wednesday, April 6, 2011

cozy cabin weekend, part one

We spent this past weekend with a group of friends up at a cabin on Mt. Hood. Even though it's almost spring, we couldn't resist one last "snow-day," a chance to cozy up to a fire and eat good food, and play some games, and just relax. I even started knitting a scarf from yarn Andy had picked out over a year ago - although I only got about 10 rows in.

Chimney Rock chalet takes a mile-long hike in on snowshoes. We each rented a pair at Mountain Tracks in Government Camp, strapped them on, and got trekkin'. Both Andy and I had to laugh when my neither my ski pants or my jacket would zip at all. 



A brand new fresh piling of snow covered everything - it reminded me of powdered sugar...


No potty breaks - unless you want to climb into the bathroom.

I quickly realized that this would be my last labor-intensive activity (well, besides labor!) because my back was NOT having it at all. The girls really enjoyed the fresh air though - can't you tell? 

Home sweet home! 



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