Sunday, April 10, 2011

cozy cabin weekend part two

We had volunteered to take on dinner that night, so after trekking in and relaxing for a few hours, Andy and I holed up in the kitchen and put together our two curry meal, with this view from our kitchen: 

The day before we left, I made two separate curry sauces: one for tofu and veggies, one for shrimp, using this recipe from TasteFood. I built the sauces two different ways - adding all the veggies (spinach, onion and tomatoes) to stew in the sauce for the shrimp curry, and keeping the veggies out for the tofu curry (spinach, red onion, cauliflower, bell peppers), leaving them to cook right before dinner. I poured the sauces into big mason jars, and we were ready to go. 


Add some rice, naan bread and cucumber-yogurt salad, and we're ready! 




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  1. YUM! this looks so tasty megan! are too cute with your belly sticking out in the cold snowy air in the post below :).


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