Friday, April 29, 2011

PDX Birth Bucks!


I feel so fortunate to live in Portland as a first time mama. Every question I've had, I've gone straight to Urban Mamas, our local web community, and always found an answer. For moms of multiples, Full House Moms has also been a wealth of information; I've already learned more about twins than I ever thought possible.

Then, I found Zenana Spa, with an amazing Prenatal Yoga class taught by Camille Mulchi at Mother Wise Yoga...and through them I found my chiropractor, Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow, and acupuncturist, Colleen Gibson. These ladies love their mama patients.

I sound spoiled, don't I? But they've been lifesavers. Jess puts my ribs back - Afton is just hanging out up in my ribcage - and Colleen makes my headaches go bye-bye! Camille is more than just a yoga teacher, she's also a doula, and I have learned more from her about laboring comfort measures than from anyone else.

If you're a mama or an expectant mama, you should definitely pick up the free coupon booklet put together by Mother Tree Doula Services called Birth Bucks! I picked mine up at Zenana Spa on SE Clinton. It's filled with savings and intro offers and I've already used my coupon to sign up for a Baby Care class in June! There are deals on photography, acupuncture, shopping, doula and lactation services, and much more.


  1. Wow, this is so cool! I wish we had something like that around here. Portland is just a cool city, let's face it! :) I'm from Bend, but living in Australia for the last 9 years. Love Oregon! I found your blog through our Bloggin Babes & Babies of 2011 link-up... and am I reading right that you're having twins?!! Congratulations. I'm due with my second on October 8. Find out in a week if it's a boy or girl - can't wait!! My oldest is 15 months - Levi. (Sounds so strange to call my "baby" the oldest!) Anyway, thanks for finding me. Look forward to getting to know you more. :)

  2. Hi Adriel!
    You read right :) Two sisters on the way at the first of August! Congrats on your second too! I was really glad to find your blog and after reading for a bit found out you work with YWAM; my husband was with YWAM out of Maui, Hawaii for a few years before we met and got married.
    Oh, and yes, GO OREGON!


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