Sunday, May 15, 2011

book shower.

My group of girlfriends from our home community at Imago Dei hosted a brunch for me yesterday and showered me with books and gifts! I'm so excited about Ruthie and Afton's library! They are already starting out with some of the classics...

Will the Mallard family find a safe place to call home?


Will Brother and Sister bear tell Mama Bear the truth?


It's amazing what can be done in a day.


Will those silly Peters' children grow out of their picky habits?


Rooster and his friends want to see the world...Jack wants a big pancake for breakfast...Monica wants her Papa to get her the moon...and Hermit Crab is building the perfect house!


Can't forget about Bunny and all the fun things he likes to do.


And the wonderful world of Richard Scarry. Who doesn't want to live in his books?

All books found on Amazon or at Powell's Books.


  1. What a fun shower! I have a small obsession with children's books. LOVE. I'd far rather have a house full of books that will get read and re-read for years than a house full of toys that get "old" after 6-12 months. Some of our faves are On the Night You Were Born, any book by Mem Fox, Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?, the Raffi song books, and the Animal Boogie (from Barefoot Books). I'll limit myself there... but I could go on and on... :) Looks like you're off to a fantastic start! So fun.

  2. Ruthie and Afton?!!! So cute! I just told John the names and we both said, "Awwwww. Andy and Megan are so cute!"

  3. Me too, Adriel. Boo toys. Yay books! Thanks for the recommendations!
    Awww Dana, we miss you guys!!


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