Monday, June 13, 2011



We'll be attempting cloth diapers for the girls (once we figure out breastfeeding, first things first) and I've been looking for cloth wipe solution recipes, and found Zany Zebra, a great site with lots of info.

I think I'll start with the basic recipe, using burt's bees or earth mama angel baby oil + earth mama angel baby shampoo/body wash + water. Later, I might try the castile soap solution.

We'll be saving a good chunk of money not only on diapers, but on wipes, too. There's a great beginner's tutorial on Simple Organic that got me excited and motivated. You can make wipes from almost anything, including old t-shirts or extra receiving blankets! A perfect project for these last weeks where I'm too uncomfortable to do much of anything.


  1. Great idea! Aren't you just the cutest little hippie mom-to-be. I'm going to pass this post on to my sister who's 8 months along. I'm learning so much through your mama blog and from my sis that by the time John and I have kids, I should be an expert! Yipee!
    Miss you friend! I pray that your last bit of pregnancy goes asap - as smooth as possible and as soon as possible :D.

  2. i was just thinking of you and getting super excited for how close your due date is! you're going to have two little girls live and in the flesh!! so excited for you!
    anyway, just wanted to say hello and that i was thinking of you and missing your pretty face. that is all :).

  3. I miss both of you girls!! Dana, Andy was just chuckling at your blog pics and how you've put your new remote to good use he he! I hope to return to the land of the living this fall, once these girls come and we figure out what the heck we're doing :)


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