Tuesday, July 5, 2011

foreign flicks

I've become quite good friends with Netflix lately and spent many an afternoon browsing the foreign flicks section. So far, I've watched some great and not-so-great movies. Here are few of my favvies:






OK, I know Brit films dont really count. But this is a good one.


In the same vein as Gosford Park, but a wonderful 7-episode series from BBC.


Aussies have a quirky sense of humor (Muriel's Wedding, anyone?) but I think they're hilarious.


(France, although no dialogue)

Have you seen this? It's seriously cute and very interesting!

Even Andy liked it!

I'll keep updating my foreign flick list for your enjoyment!


  1. Yay! John and I love quirky films! We'll have to check these out! And yes! We did see "Babies" and really liked it! It reinforced my bra-wearing habit (wink)!!

  2. Dana, NO JOKE! We were commenting the whole time, like "how is that even possible"? Ha ha!

  3. I love Audrey Tautou and Strictly Ballroom is one of my favorite movies! I will have to check out the others. I did try and get Luke to watch Babies the other night but no go.


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