Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snug as bugs

The girls are finally sharing a crib here in the NICU, and it is the cutest thing ever. It absolutely melts my heart to see them together! The nurse said last night they were holding hands for a little bit. That's why I hate to leave them here - I miss those little moments.

And then I feel sad; they are still supposed to be warm and safe inside the womb, not having to take on all the challenges of this hard outside world.

But then I look around at all the other NICU families and the teeniest babes here with double or triple the challenges of my girls; some moms can't hold or cuddle their child for more than a few minutes because it takes too much of the baby's energy, and some are so sick that one whole side of the unit gets shut down for bedside surgery. Yesterday, I took a "car seat safety" class for preemies and one mom in the class has been here with her babes for four months. She had triplets at 25 weeks, one passed away, and the surviving twins are finally going home next week on oxygen.

Thinking about these things, I can only feel thankful that waking up to eat enough is the only thing keeping Ruthie and Afton here, and they get better every day. Another nurse told me, "one day, they just wake up, eat everything, and cry a lot more. Then we know that it is time for them to go home."

So, just waiting, but waiting with a thankful heart.


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  1. Oh Megan, they are so precious!
    Even though they are really okay, it is still SO hard to have them there. Believe me, I know!!
    Camden there for the same reason as the girls and Christian for a little breathing issue...but compared to the other babies who were actually sick, mine were just early and needed a boost. But it still broke my heart to leave them there.
    Praying they become little piggys and do so well and they will be with you at home soon!


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