Sunday, August 21, 2011

six weeks.

The girls are six weeks, now...and although they are only a week old according to their "corrected age" (their true due date - sometimes it doesn't jive, sometimes it does) they are strong, alert, and definitely have their own little personalities.

I think I expected the first three months to be like taking care of two cute lumps that poop, pee, and cry; that is what everyone basically told me. "They really only sleep for the first three months," which is true, but to me that translated into them being blank slates. How untrue this is. Maybe I misunderstood.

Ruthie is our "daughter of particular and specific comforts." She doesn't like to be wet, hungry, cold, hot, and she doesn't like her diaper changed. We try to explain to her that if she doesn't like being wet but doesn't like her diaper changed, we're kind of at a loss so she needs to choose which it's going to be. She makes incredibly sweet faces when she's falling asleep and, when she's awake, she has big, clear eyes that like looking at you and like looking at lights.


Afton is mostly chill except when she's hungry. Then run for cover - the nursing cover, that is. She also does not like having her nose sucked, which is duty that falls to her daddy because my heart can't handle her cries of frusteration. She has sizeable boogers, though! She has big, round eyes that like to look all around, even more so than her sister, and she is noisy most of the time, grunting, groaning, and making little coos that remind us that yes, indeed she is here in case we forgot.

Both girls love to be held. They like cocking their heads to 90 degree angles. They end up in the exact same sleeping positions. They are the messiest eaters I've ever encountered. Every feeding is a milk bath. They both like to be in wraps or slings. And these girls can burp and fart with the best of them.

They are also the noisiest babies I have ever heard. It sounds like a barnyard in our room at night, and sometimes, they'll stop as soon as we turn on the bedside light, and then when we turn it off, they'll start right back up again. Their noises range from billy goat and horse to a velociraptor, and sometimes a transformer. Never a dull moment already!

So yes, they do sleep and eat a lot, but I'm still in my pj's at 3:00 p.m. and just now getting some food. Somehow, taking care of these two little sugar lumps takes up 95% of my day. Good thing they're so sweet.



  1. Sleep the first 3 months?! Mine didn't get that memo haha!
    They are precious little sweeties!
    We always said Camden sounded like a velociraptor!! So funny!
    I can't believe you had them 6 weeks ago. I am still waiting for that super long blog post about your labor and delivery and NICU time!! :) :)

  2. Yeah they are starting to be harder to get to sleep...bringing in the sound machine and shushing now!
    Oh yeah, the birth story :) soon!


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