Saturday, September 24, 2011

library day.

I have a busy day today! I'm shortly headed over to Andy's cousin's place a few floors up to catch the Timber's game (we live in the same apartment building), and later stopping by a bachelorette party for a former work colleague (yes! Grown-up drink!) but earlier today we strapped the girls in their stroller (which they are getting used to, yeahhh!) and walked up to the NW library branch to pick up some books I had on hold. They should be very interesting reads.

I'm a researcher by nature, so I need to get on top of this vaccine thing before our next pediatrician visit. I've refused all so far. If it warrants it, I'll pass on my reviews in case anyone is interested. If anyone has book or website recommendations to share with me regarding vaccines, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Compromised generation


Happy Saturday!


  1. I just finished reading the one by Dr Sears and I'm still undecided about doing any of them. What did you decide?

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for the comment! We decided to postpone any vaccinations for the time being, because I am a SAHM, they don't go to preschool or daycare, were EBF, and according to Dr. Sears that is a good scenario for non-vaxers. BUT, we'll be reevaluating when it is time for school. We will definitely decline some of them, though. It astounded me when I looked at the list of vaccinations that I received as a child in the early 80s (only 3 before the age of 2!) and now, 10+

      Hope that helps, it's a really difficult thing to figure out when you're trying to do your due diligence and read between the lines of all the hype and fear mongering on both sides of the issue. Good luck to you!


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