Sunday, September 25, 2011

we love our mountain buggy duet!

We are so fortunate as to have been given the brand new Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller
as a shower gift from both our parents(*) This was one of the most exciting gifts we received. It's the narrowest side by side double stroller on the market, and it was backordered through we just got it a few weeks ago! It handles like a dream and as Andy commented on our long Saturday walk, I've got a new pep in my step. Yeah, I'm tasting freedom!

Unfortunately, the girls didn't take to it right away. Our first outing was in Southern Oregon at my parents' house, and Afton screamed as soon as we strapped her in. Ruthie seemed to do OK. We took them out and said we'd try again the next day. The next attempt, we put Afton in and I took off jogging little circles around the driveway, hoping the motion would calm her down like it does when in the car. Mom brought out Ruthie, we stopped to strap her in, and took off down the street. We made it one street and both girls revolted. I took Afton out to comfort her and we walked quickly home.

We did some problem solving and thought that maybe they felt too exposed in the seats, so we went to Target and bought some full-body cushion inserts, and turns out, it worked! So my first critique of the seats, if you aren't going to buy the car seat adapters, is to consider getting some cushy inserts if your babies aren't happy on the rough polyester fabric. The seats also adjust fairly easily, once you figure them out. They are both separate, so one can be fully reclined and one can sit up, which will be great in the future.


At this stage, we also only strap in one of their arms. The five-point harness is so sturdy that we feel they aren't going anywhere. It takes some practice to work the harness seamlessly, but it's that way with all new baby gear. The straps are easily adjustable. The grab bar in front of the seats is detachable, and we have it removed until they get a little older for easy accessibility.

The duet is 25 inches across - the same width as many single buggies -  so it fits through doorways and down aisles - although I wouldn't take it to Trader Joe's. They have the tiniest aisles ever! So far, we've taken it in and out of our home doorways with no problem, cruised sidewalks, rolled it into a very small baby store, and braved a packed Costco. Size-wise, it performed beautifully. The air-filled tires drive so smooth and maneuver extremely well. You can also lock the front wheels so they don't swivel, if need be.

We've had a great time getting familiar with our Mountain Buggy. Now, I'm contemplating purchasing the rain cover, because winter is coming to Portland and the rain begins soon. Although it is $50, it may well be worth it.

I think it's the start of a beautiful friendship.

(Daddy and the girls on our 2 hour Saturday walk)

Boho Mama's duet PROS:

- The air-filled tires drive - no, glide - like a dream! Turns on a dime with rear-wheel suspension...I LOVE driving this stroller and feel like we could take it absolutely fact, we're dreaming up all the places we can take our babies in this baby.

- The individual sun canopies have flip-out mesh screens to add even more protection. I love this feature, as well as the peek-a-boo flaps on the sun canopies. We draped a light muslin blanket over the canopies on our walk, but I could still see their sweet little faces through the peakaboo windows perfectly.

- The five-point harness. If our girls are as adept at getting out of straps as they are at busting out of their swaddles, we'll be so thankful for the MB harness in the future.

- The big and cushy adjustable handle.

- The look and color. Sleek and sporty, and not so huge as the BOB's or the Mountain Buggy Duo. Those are just too much stroller for me. Those are the Hummers of the stroller world, and this is the Land Cruiser.

- You can buy car seat adapters that allow you to clip on the infant carrier seats in a staggered position. We didn't buy these, but it's a nice feature.

- The body folds flat easily and can stand up on the back wheels after being locked with a strap attached near the handlebar. It's not too heavy, either. It does take up the whole trunk floorspace of our Subaru Legacy.

Boho Mama's duet CONS:

- Little to no storage. The underneath gear tray is hard to get to when the seats are reclined, and there isn't much in the way of storage on top - the cupholder is an extra purchase. It does come with a bottle holder, but I'd like to see the cupholder included.

- The polyester fabric is a little rough, which is why I suggested getting cushy inserts for little babies if you're not buying the car seat adapters.

- Like Baby Gizmo noted on their review video, and I completely agree, the tough fabric has to be stuffed back behind the seat when you go from recline to upright sitting. It's not a huge deal, just a little inconvenient.

- If you have bigger kids, this stroller probably isn't the best choice. The seats max out at 11" wide. Our girls are small and big kids don't really run in our family, so I think we'll be fine.

If you're contemplating the duet, hopefully our review helps you make your decision. You can also watch a video on YouTube put out by Baby Gizmo, which I watched and found helpful in getting familiar with the basics.

And now to plan our next adventure!

Interested? Check out the Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller on!

(*and were not paid in any form to write this review, and the link above is an affiliate link.)


  1. Great stoller! Isn't it amazing how being out and about can make you feel so much more human!? Would have loved to see you when you were here! Next time maybe! :)

  2. Krystle - it feels amazing! This last trip was a test run for our next trips - I think we'll be coming down once a month while Andy is student teaching, so next time for sure! I will have my bearings a little better. It seems like we were just getting into a groove and then we left :)

  3. Love this double buggy stroller. Where did you buy this. I think this would be a perfect for my sister who just gave birth to twins.


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