Monday, November 21, 2011

just write: nocturnal living.

We've resorted to living in the dark. Not one light in our house is on, except the t.v., and the cupboard doors are shut over it so it defeats the purpose of having it on anyways. I can see flashes of light through the cracks as How I Met Your Mother finishes up. Robin just told Barney she's pregnant.

Today, both girls sleep snippets and we're all feeling the repercussions. Ruthie wakes up and looks at me with her red-rimmed eyes as if to say, "help me, mom!" Afton's lower lip pokes out and when she cries, her mouth takes up the whole sweet surface of her face. She's been a sensitive one lately.

Daddy takes Ruthie into the dark bathroom and I hear him singing a made up lullaby, and when she's finally asleep, he comes back into the room, stands over her swing, I stand at his side; my task is to lightly keep the binky in her mouth with a cuddly blankie at the ready. She'll sleep for a few hours in that swing, if we can get her in it. In our arms, she'll sleep for 20 or 30 minutes tops. We need more. She needs more.

He swoops her down, still singing, and I fold the blanket over her and turn the dial. She opens her eyes and we hold our breath...OK, still good. Sleep, sweet sister. We cross our fingers and check on Afton, who, thank God, is going on her second hour of slumber.

The unblended smoothie sitting on the counter will have to wait. As will the dishes, and the packing for our Thanksgiving trip. As with life, everything else takes a back seat. My word for this season is Surrender.

We've hit the four month mark, where for these two, everything and anything is interesting, and eating and sleeping become less and less attractive. Watch me kick my legs! Look at that pretty light. What's going on over there? 

These girls are changing so fast I feel like I can hardly keep up. I've read and heard it said that once you figure out your rhythm, they'll hit a new phase and you'll have to start over. Truth.

Tomorrow, we start over. But for now, sleep. 

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  1. Perfect post. I felt at 3 months they had a rythm....then they switched it up and months 4-6 were harder. And then at the 6 1/2 month mark we looked at eachother and said...."oh my gosh, I think we are starting to live again"

    Hang in! They are SOOOO adorable!!

  2. Sleep is a beautiful thing! Hope you get loads of it.

  3. oh sleep. And yes, surrender. And yes, constant change.

    beautiful post. thank you!


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