Monday, November 21, 2011

where i'm from.

I am from shoe boxes of seashells and handwritten notes,
from Lucky Charms and backyard barbeques.
I am from brightly painted rooms and floral wallpaper,
homesewn pillows and curtains that wave in the summer breeze.
I am from green grass trampled into mud around the pool,
from stone garden steps and spring tulips and daffodils.
I am from always opening presents on Christmas Eve
and dry skin,
from Hansens and Lees, Flynns and Hewitts, Winnie and Georgine.
I am from stubbornness and people-pleasing,
a contradiction hard to live with.
From little love boats and are we there yet? on car rides
to summer visits and Thanksgiving feasts.
I am from a fear of losing salvation and no jeans on Sunday,
a faith that has deepened and mellowed with age
like a fine wine.
I'm from Wales, those rainy woods and ancient stones,
from a stern rancher and his rascally boys, 
from banana bread, freezer jam, and homemade donuts on rainy days.
I am from a California girl who fell in love with a cowboy,
who almost named me Mallory but am glad she didn't.
I am from World War II veterans and a chaplain and medals in a frame,
from carefully curated albums and hastily labelled kodak envelopes,
from prayer and daily journal entries.
Most of all,
I am from love. 

This is based on the Where I'm From poem by George Ella Lyons, find the template to write your own here. I was inspired by Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing. Leave a comment with a link if you write one too, I'd love to read it!

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