Tuesday, December 6, 2011

just write: christmas music

Finally, it's time for Christmas music.

We have a family tradition of waiting to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Crazy, I know. Every year since I can remember, we bring our CD's and Christmas movies and have a holiday-fest on the 9-hour drive home from visiting relatives in southern Idaho. Until then, though, it's frowned upon.

So this morning, I have Sarah McLachlan's beautiful Wintersong album playing as the girls nap in their swings. Earlier, I plopped the girls in their bouncy seats and put them in the kitchen with me while I made breakfast, and sang along to the music. I would look at both of them and sing, and Afton would get the biggest, happiest, most heart-breaking smile on her face and start to coo softly, like she was joining in with me. It made my heart ache.

We'll be returning to Southern Oregon for the majority of December and the holidays, and I hadn't really given thought to getting a tree, or to pulling out all my decorations. Fortunately, I didn't need to, as I came home on Sunday from a visit to my parents to an amazing Christmas-tree stand-in: 2 bar stools, some bungee cord, a wine bottle and our duvet cover. He wrapped it in lights and picked out some of our ornaments, and topped it with our star. He had also put lights up on our balcony and brought out the manger scene, and bought a mini poinsettia at Trader Joe's. As we walked in the door, he made me stand in the hallway so he could turn on all the lights and surprise us. He has such an amazing heart towards his little family. It made my heart ache.

For him, I'm thankful. I'll let his disdain of the Avalon JOY album and Christmas muppet movies (but how can anyone hate the muppets?!?) slide, because without him, I wouldn't be enjoying a softly lit "tree" and the baby Christ-scene figures along with my music and coffee.


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  1. what a lovely tree! and a lovely man to do that for you (although, not liking the muppet christmas carol is almost unforgivable :) )

  2. Tara - I know, who DOESN'T like Muppet Christmas Carol? It was almost a dealbreaker :) Thanks for commenting!


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