Saturday, January 21, 2012

six months.

My little girls are six months!

The challenges of a twin mama are many, but the rewards are worth the sleepless nights and fussy days. This age has been my least favorite, so far. Can I say that? It's just, they see the world, want to be a part of it, to taste, touch, smell, see, and just BE a part, but they aren't quite there yet. It frustrates them!

I make myself laugh with a joke I came up with: my sleep debt is larger than the national deficit. And grows ever-larger. I'll admit, the lack of sleep tries my patience and I have found myself this past week responding in ways I never wanted to respond (like muttering some choice words under my breath when they wake up earlier than planned). Then, when I needed it most, a friend posted this smart article on Facebook, and I felt so much better about everything!

And the teething. Lord help me, two at once! I purchased amber teething bracelets before they were born, and I really should have bought amber necklaces. I can't push them far enough up their roly-poly arms to get them in close proximity to their gums, which is where they need to be.

Oh, but the smiles. And the giggles. And the looks of curiosity, and excitement when their Daddy comes home to play with them, and the funny noises and shrieks and shrills that come out of their sweet milky mouths. The pudgy fingers, the endless thigh rolls, the sweet stumpy feet.

Ruthie, my silly little ham-bone. She has the biggest smile, and it's so easy to coax it out of her, exciting her with facial expressions and funny voices. Her leg rolls are phenomenal. She thinks she is the bomb and wants you to know it. Pay attention, everyone!

Afton, the sometimes-somber, bubble-blowing observer. She looks at everything and everyone, and if you are a stranger and you get a smile out of her, consider yourself lucky. She makes you work for it, but when you get that little grin that spreads across her face and her big bright eyes light up, your heart is soaked in warmth.

How I love them.


  1. Can't believe they're six months already! You and Andy are such amazing parents with two girls that are so blessed to have you to raise them! Loved reading the descriptions of them! Hoping the next six months are just as blessed even though they're be trying too. You go super mamma! :)

  2. I cannot believe they are 6 months!
    Megan, this is where life suddenly got easier! It really did!!! They fell into a rhythm (with some help) and the sleep improved vastly!!

    They are seriously the most gorgeous twin girls ever...shhh...don't tell any of my other twin mama friends hehe!!


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