Sunday, February 19, 2012

[im]mortality and some Sunday links.

Today, our little fam braved the crowds at OMSI to see the Body Worlds exhibit. Basically, people donated their bodies to this project, and their cadavers were filled with plastic and then molded and cut into displays. A dancer, a soccer player, ice skaters...sliced, diced, and dissected.

Yes, the human body is amazing. But this was mostly on the creepy side. We were made much more aware of our fragile mortality - Andy said his body ached after looking at all the muscle and tissue and ligaments - we truly are held together by strings. Later, Andy also told me he was glad I had skin, because what's underneath isn't so great to look at. Taking that one as a compliment and sticking it in the love tank!

 (We've hit the "gimme your face!" stage)

Luckily, our tickets were comped after giving blood at the American Red Cross. We are at the same time both charitable AND cheap. I may not have free-flowing cash but I do have some fast-flowing blood.

 (My personal best! A pint in 4 minutes. I have some tricks. Andy almost fainted.)

I cannot think of a more appropriate way to celebrate our frail human state and losing a pint of blood each than by watching the awkwardly angst-ridden "Twilight: Breaking Dawn". MY body ached after watching. Yeouch. But I had fun perfecting my lip-bitey shifty-eye Kristen Stewart impersonation. 

Here's what I've been reading and looking at this weekend, in between the craziness:

- Laughing hard over the baby sleep positions on How To Be A Dad. We have experienced all of these positions in some form or another.

- Apple Pie Oatmeal from Family FeedBag, made some this morning. I soaked the oats overnight, added some honey and cream, and was pleased. Andy watched this video on poaching eggs, and made them perfectly.

- Re-visiting "A Mother's Prayer" by Tina Fey. I read this before the girls were born, and will enjoy reading it again and again.

- Thinking about what to do with a bag of Meyer lemons. Preserve them?  Make lemon bars? Lemon pudding? Or perhaps, lemon curd?

- Reading Sarah Bessey's article about women and shame, and loving it while feeling convicted at the same time.

- Googling "my seven month old baby just vomited on me" and "how to wean from pacifier"

- Pinning some cute stuff.  Follow my boards on Pinterest!

What have you been up to? 


  1. OOh...I have always wanted to go to that OMSI exhibit. I'm jealous. I love that stuff.
    Nice job on the blood! I've tried to give twice. First time they thought my vein was to small for the needle (um, what?) And second there was a SMALL chance I could be pregnant ( I was not ) I will have to try again soon!

  2. Lemon bars, lemon curd -- I want to come over to your house. Yum. Totally with you on the Body Worlds review -- we enjoyed seeing it, but it was creepy to think about. And totally going to check out that Bessey article -- thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Courtney - we made the lemon bars and they were absolutely delicious! I may have eaten half the pan...

  3. fun post! I clicked on almost all your links, especially the baby sleeping positions one. I'm sure those will come in handy for us someday!

    But mostly, we love and miss you guys dearly and hope you're all doing well. We may be visiting Portland come May so we'll keep you guys in the know! Hugs! Dana

    1. Aw, yay! We would so love to see you two.


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