Thursday, February 16, 2012

what a difference seven months make.

Can you believe the difference? 

Here's what is good:

Chewing on everything and everybody!
Grabbing their feet at every opportunity.
They are rolling, scooting, and turning around (mostly Afton).
Still both eating every 3-4 hours (same throughout the night).
Their giggles are precious, and they're getting excited about things. It's incredibly cute.
They aren't very interested in solids. I tried for a week but their mouths clamped shut after a few days. I'm still trying every other day or so. For now, just mama's milk it is.
Their weights are great for being five weeks early! They are actually ON the seven month growth chart. I've worked really hard for my milk, and I'm so thankful.

Here's what is hard:

Binkies. I love them and now I really, really hate them. 
Teething. I feel helpless. 
I'm tired. We were seeing 4-5 hour stretch for a few nights...where did that go?
Their cries are getting louder and becoming more "screamy". 
Deciding when to move them into their own room. I'm having a hard time knowing what is best, so for now we're not making a decision.

Oh, they grow up so fast. 

Any advice about getting rid of binkies in a less painful way?


  1. They are so dang adorable! You are super mom... I dont know how you do it! and you look amazing in that photo! Looks like your getting it down!! Love you ladies! XOXO. S

  2. The girls are getting so big! Hope we get to see them soon!

  3. Binkies - no help..we tend to wait till 1 yr and then make them naps/bedtime only and then a bit later we get rid of them all together.

    Teething - get some amber teething necklaces! THey are awesome!

    1. Brittany, I have amber teething bracelets, but I'm thinking they are too far from their actual teeth, so maybe they aren't as effective? Do you think I need to just bite the bullet and buy the necklaces?

  4. oh, you're doing such a great job! i love that you have these photos. have you done them every month? i wish i had done something like that with my boys...

    neither of my boys ever took a paci (much to my dismay!) but a friend of mine told me how she weaned her daughter and i thought it was awesome! she started with pricking a hole in the end of it so it wouldn't be as suckable. then after a day or two she snipped a tiny hole off the end. (less "suckable".) then after another day or two she cut more off... continued it until it was nearly gone. her daughter just lost interest as it wasn't "working" any more! not sure if that will work for your girls, but i thought it was a great idea, especially if you're trying to wean them young before they can understand about throwing it away, trading it for a new toy, etc or some of the other techniques i've heard for older babies/toddlers. just an idea!!

    i use amber teething necklaces with my boys. it's too early to tell with judah if it's making a difference or not, but my husband and i SWEAR it made a difference with levi. we didn't get one until he was 18 months or so and we noticed a huge difference in his night wake-ups and his tantrums. with judah, i put it on as soon as he turned four months - hoping to preempt some of the drama we had last round. ha! :)

    1. Thanks, Adriel! I tried the pin-pricking trick, but then I snipped too much of the tip off so they couldn't even keep it in their mouths and we had to throw it away. We had to resort to using newborn binkies, which they hated, so I think it had essentially the same effect. But I have heard that it works, especially for older kids.

      I need to buy those necklaces!

    2. Oh, and I haven't done those pictures every month. I wish I would have!

  5. Oh my gosh Megan! They are SO CUTE!!! I can't believe how huge they're getting!!

    Amelia never took a pacifier, and although I really wanted her to sometimes, it seems like it was better that we didn't have to wean her off of it. I think the best thing to do is get them out of the habit before they have a word for it. Because once they're able to call or cry for it, then it becomes harder to give it up. (and harder on you guys!)

    Congrats on breastfeeding this long!! Go Mamma Go!

  6. Very cute babies. And of course, I highly acknowledge the mom who takes care of them and loves them both unconditionally. Good job mum!


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