Thursday, March 15, 2012

growing up west coast style: interview at (she always loved) larking.

Courtney from (she always loved) Larking came up with a creative series about becoming our parents and asked me to join in! She posed a series of questions about growing up, family life, discipline, and visions for the future, and I must say, I'm so thankful she did.

Being a mom is a lot of doing, and answering her questions made me stop and ponder. I wrote what came, and it took me longer than I thought.

You can read my answers here. She also interviewed four other women, and it's so fascinating to see where our answers meet and where they diverge. I've some fresh new insights into parenting from reading the others' responses, and my desire to live intentionally was renewed.

As for Courtney's blog, I could spend the whole afternoon reading her writing, especially her Adventures in Motherhood posts. She has a beautiful, honest way with words!


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