Friday, March 30, 2012

spring break coffee date.

Wow, has it really been Monday since I've come around? Andy has been on his Spring Break, so we've been enjoying family time and going on more outings than usual...and I was shocked when I opened up my dashboard to see that it had been five days since even a hello!

Yesterday, we had arranged for some family friends to watch the girls while we went to the Hunger Games movie. I haven't read the books due to the recommendation of a friend, who suggested last summer that I wait. I'm not sure if she thought they'd be too sad - us new moms tend to be a tad fragile at first. I think I'm ready, because I loved the movie!

Before we dropped the girls off, we met some good friends at Coava for a chat and some tasty coffee. We sat the girls on top of the table with something to chew on, while Ruthie stuck her hand in my cappuccino foam. I'll be honest, I miss the days of wasting an afternoon at a coffee shop.

Luckily, the girls like being out in public, people watching, and are generally easy-going. They'll last about 20 minutes in a high chair, so we're not yet to the point where we can linger over a meal, but we're getting there!

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