Monday, March 26, 2012

swingset photo shoot.

Ah, the first days of Spring mean one thing: putting babies in swings and taking cute pictures.

In my parents' neighborhood there is a small park with swings. I couldn't resist, so I borrowed my sister's DSLR and took a billion pictures.


They liked it, once they figured out how to lean forward.

There really is nothing cuter than babies in swings, except maybe TWIN BABIES in swings, amiright?


  1. The second to last one is my FAVE! They are beyond cute.

  2. We loved these swings...and called them our "twin" swings!
    Our twins would sit back to back, until they didn't fit anymore. :)
    Adorable pictures! Angie

  3. Oh goodness- those pictures are ADORABLE! You're making me want two of my little man. ;) of course, then I think about the struggle he was in the first few months and think I am good with one for now! Maybe my next pregancy will have two sweet little ones in store for me.

    1. Thanks, Jenni! But be careful what you wish may happen! We always said it would be fun to have twins, and look what happened :)


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