Thursday, April 19, 2012

coffee + babies.

The perk of living downtown is that there are excellent coffee shops just blocks away. I'm usually good and make my own coffee at home, for economic reasons, but over the past few weeks the poor weather's been getting to me, so I buckle the girls into their stroller and head out for a cup. 

I take a book or a magazine because I pretend that I'll be able to read, but after about five minutes these two get antsy and I become their entertainment.

The funny thing is, I've switched to decaf and I notice absolutely no difference in quality or flavor. I know this is only because the shops I visit are selective about everything they serve. Off the top of my head, I count six within a short distance that are always reliable and serve Intelligentsia, Coava, Ristretto, Stumptown, Sisters, Heart, and more. Barista is a seven-minute walk from my front door.

In other words, I'm incredibly spoiled and I KNOW IT. It's really hard not to be a "coffee snob" when you live in this city. I'm serious. 

I'm not a snob who doesn't want to share - if you came to visit me, I wouldn't keep any secrets from you. I'd enthusiastically take you to every good shop! So I think I'm doing OK.

But if we ever move, I'm doomed.

Or am I?

What's your drink of choice? Do you think this lover of good coffee would survive in your city?


  1. Oh man, I love me some coffee.
    After I stopped working for Dutch Bros (after 6 years) and I didn't get multiple free drinks a day I didn't drink coffee for a long time! That was rough. So, I do the drip with my creamer but oh how I miss making my own.

    You'd do okay here...although I think you'd do best in Ashland! Noble Coffee and more :)

    I'd love to grab a mug with ya :)

  2. you would survive in denver. as long as you stuck to crema (my hubby's shop), happy coffee, and metropolis (boxcar in boulder is excellent too).

    we don't have as many as portland but the few we have do it well.

    also, love that book you're "reading"

    p.s. i'll be in portland for a short while a week from friday. what is the one coffee shop i MUST visit?

    1. Emily, just ONE??? Ok, so for a cool atmosphere with roasting be done in the shop, Coava or Heart, both in Southeast. For an amazing latte, go to Barista, there is one downtown in the Pearl (by my house!) or over on NE Alberta. They don't roast; they serve beans from all over but their lattes are always, always great. These would be our current recs :)

  3. I'll pretty much drink any coffee, but I do appreciate quality coffee when I'm able to get my hands on it. We're new Portland transplants, and Coava is our fav so far.

    P.S. See ya at the meet-up!

    1. Nanette - Oh, Coava is so good :) I look forward to meeting you soon!

  4. I love good quality coffee. Columbian is my favourite, which I order in from the big smoke 900km away! I grind the beans at home and enjoy the moments. But for an isolated, remote town in South East Western Australia we are doing very well for coffee shops (over kill you might say). We have about 8 coffee shops. We were recently invaded by Dome (a franchise coffee joint). I had one coffee, tasted the burnt beans and I am never going back. But if you ever came to visit I would take you to Ollies. My favourite place, with divine coffee, lounges to relax on and they are so kid friendly and when you have twins :) that is so important!

  5. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but those are some uber cute baby girls you've got there... ;)

  6. I'm not fussy, just particular :) But I live in Wellington, New Zealand and there are definitely superior options here. I love peoples coffee and always go home with a bag for my stove top espresso machine. I think wherever you are in the world, as long as you're in a city not a town you'll be able to find coffee that lives up to your expectations.

    1. I totally agree with you, Manda. Cities are where the coffee's at. I come from a small town, and the best fresh coffee to be had is a 20-minute drive!


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