Monday, April 30, 2012

pictures for babies.

Pregnancy is sometimes a dream world, don't you think?

I know mine was. I was very interested in finding ways to optimize their development early on, and at the same time I was pretty sure that they'd be baby geniuses on their own.

Teaching baby to read? Totally! Speaking a foreign language to them from the beginning? Of course! Learn signs so that they're communicating with me before age one? Sign me up!

Fortunately, none of that has happened.

I say fortunately, because who knows what would happen to my ego if it DID. Pride as a mother is good, but a mother on a pedestal is not. And mothering is nothing if not humbling. And having a husband with a Master's Degree in Education tell me that play is the most important thing helped, too. Noted, teach'. No more Tiger Mother moments.

But something I did do was find these free black and white printouts for "visual stimulation" on a website called BrillBaby. The site is fascinating and full of interesting information, in case you do want to attempt to teach your baby to read or do math.

(Source: BrillBaby)

You could use the printouts to create a mobile for above their bed, or, I made them into small image cards using some black and white felt. It was fun, it was fast, and it was easy. And if it DID happen to be good for the girls' brains, so much the better. At 10 months, although they can't read, or say hello in French (or, um, say hello at all!), they do like looking at these for a few seconds here and there.

They also make great teethers.


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