Thursday, May 24, 2012

giving up on good: baby style {I don't have any}

The internet is FILLED with reminders of the things I'm not doing, making, creating, cooking or baking, and it's easy to get discouraged by the beautiful blogs and the perfect homes and smartly-dressed kids captured in a creative photo shoot.

That is what I both love and don't love about blog world: I put my strengths on display and hide my weaknesses, hoping to put my best face forward. I do this to "be an inspiration" to people, but I also do it because I'm scared of judgment from strangers who don't know me and what they will think if they see what my small kitchen looks like (I try, really I do!), or the clothes floating around the house, or that I still have boxes of unpacked "home decor" stuff, or that our guest room does not look like a refreshing oasis but an odds and ends dump site. 

Last week, I read the first "Giving Up On Good" links on Jessi's blog, and thought it was a really interesting idea. She writes:

"Instead of perpetuating the lie that you have to do it all well, all early, all efficient - what if we spoke life to one another and imparted grace to one another by waving our white flags and admitting the good things we've walked away from to pursue the better things. The things that are right for us? "

So today, I give up on baby style.

First of all, if you have a cute blog with your Outfit-of-the-Day post, I am reading it with a genuine smile and an "Oh, cute!" 

I admire you.
But I feel a twinge of envy because I've never been one for putting together outfits. I try, and I get friends to help me, or my mom, but it just does not come naturally to me, at all. The most accessorizing I can do is to put on a pair of dangly earrings. I don't wear things in my hair, or braid it all cute, or wear scarves outside of winter, or bangles or brooches. I really wish I could, it just doesn't come together, and if it does, I feel uncomfortable and take it all off and end up back to square one: earrings.
I don't know why I thought it would be any different when I had daughters.

 (Yeah, these outfits really happened and I didn't notice until taking their photo)

I thought for sure I would be dressing them in adorable outfits with matching headbands, and that it would come naturally to me. But it doesn't! I made a bunch of sweet little headbands for the girls, but mostly I just forget about them, or it isn't worth the hassle to put them on. The day's outfit consists of their pj's, a onesie and some leggings, or a romper if the weather is nice. They don't own many dresses. Tights rarely happen. 

 Sometimes I'll walk out the door with them, and then really look at what they're wearing, and I'll think to myself:

At least I could have tried to match their shirts to their pants...and shoot, I forgot their headbands! Hm, does Ruthie look cuter than Afton? Yeah, I couldn't find matching socks, so...whoops. 

These poor little girls. I know they'll be looking back at their pictures in 15 years and be horrified.

I think it could happen with practice,
and it may change in the future, but that is what I'm giving up right now.

And like Jessi says, this is about freedom, not judgment, and is about imparting grace and embracing the things which are "our things" - if you and your baby look super cute all the time, I am excited for you that you can even do it - yay! It's a good thing. But for me, it's better to let this one go.


That felt good. 

What "good" thing can you give up? Share below and/or link up at The Naptime Diaries!


  1. I think you're too hard on yourself. :)

    1) The girls are ADORABLE, mismatched outfits and all.

    2) The good thing about kids, especially girls? They can TOTALLY pull off the Punky Brewster/mixed prints look. And you have TWO of them, so any of your perceived baby style "faux pas" aren't even noticed because people are too busy thinking, "HOW CUTE! TWO sweet girls!"


  2. Um I thought the mismatched thing was on purpose because it looked cute.

    This is great, I was looking at my seriously disguising bathroom today (no exaggeration) and thought, what I'd I instagramed that?! Everyone would stop being my friend because of how gross I am ha! Or...the 'stepping out' pots? Yeah...I rock black or gray yoga pants every day and if we go out I put on the one pair of post-children pants that semi fit haha. There will be no fashion/organizing/crafting posts from me!!!

    So yes I love this. Great reminder, great link up and your girls would be cute in paper bags. The end :)

    1. Oh and i forgot to actually say I gave up: a fully put together outfit, including a shower every day and my cute heels that now gather dust :)

  3. bohomamaMay 25, 2012

     Mwah ha, that's just what I WANT you to think, that I do it on purpose. I was just looking at my bathroom today and thinking the same exact thing. Also the reason I don't do "house" posts, it's never in good enough shape!

    They would be cute in paper bags, because the plain brown wouldn't distract from their faces like the mishmash of colors that blinds the eyes! :)

  4. bohomamaMay 25, 2012

     Thanks Nanette! I am grateful to Punky Brewster for making it okay to be crazy with colors, and I'm thinking that this is just preparing me for when the girls want to dress themselves - it will probably be an improvement! :)

  5. Awww I love you friend! Your girls will be lacking in nothing because you are such an amazing mama with incredible gifts to impart into their lives. They always look pretty cute to me! they have your signature written all over them and I love that :)

    1. Aw thanks friend, that is so sweet! I was thinking Lily will be able to model some cool kid style for them, because they'll probably want to be just like her. I'm thinking a tutu and a poofy jacket, my favorite outfit of hers, lol!

  6. with their yummy cheeks and beautiful eyes, those girls don't need any style!! You are beautiful and I always admire your style (and earrings!) and I admire your honesty and willingness to give it up! I'll think on this today and get back to you...Love you friend!

    1. Thanks Mandi!! Love you too! I'd love to know what you come up with :) Oh, and I stumbled onto the Mill End store by accident, but it was closed....we gotta go there!

  7. I buy matching outfits, less work trying to match. And I just don't care, because no one is looking at the outfits anyway. They're looking at the adorable bebes! I personally think mismatched outfits are cute anyway. :)

  8. Nice! I ALWAYS forget the headbands and I can never keep track of what goes with what to match so I don't bother, there's just not enough time to even worry about it! I like this idea of a post. Checking out that link now.


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