Monday, May 14, 2012

pool time!

I had the most perfect first Mother's Day. 

At the semi-last minute, we decided to spend the weekend down in Southern Oregon with our families. Sunshine, a lunch and pedicure with mom and sister, BBQ and tacos on the patio, beautiful church service in an outdoor amphitheater, and the girls' first kiddie pool rounded out the 48 hour trip. The four of us were battling a cold (first in 5 months!) the whole time, but these little girlies did phenomenally!

Their cuteness was beyond imaginable. Afton submerged herself almost immediately and would put her tongue in the water; Ruthie was a tad more reserved, preferring only to splash. But it was a total success, and I want to get a little blowup pool for our patio!

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. Okay, they can't be any cuter!! They were so tiny the last time I saw them moving around, they are such grown up little girlies!!! This is just adorable!

    1. I know isn't it crazy! It's going to be fun/chaotic getting them together with the boys.

  2. oh my goodness Megan, those chubby arms are so cute I just want to squish them!

    1. Thanks Laura! How ARE you? How's Texas?

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