Monday, June 4, 2012

guest post at That Mama Gretchen!

Today I'm the guest over at That Mama Gretchen, talking about everything from Pinterest recipes to procrastination!

I finally met Gretchen in person at Friday night's Pacific Northwest Blogger Meetup, and it was so good to actually chat with her and connect face-to-face! I've been following her blog ever since her daughter Jemma was born, and love her attitude towards life, motherhood, and faith. She's just a dear and I'm so glad to be her blog, and now real-life, friend!

We didn't live far from each other - just across the Columbia - but now she's moved further North so I probably won't see her until the next meetup, boo hoo!

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  1. Seriously - boo hoo! Although, my mom did offer to drive down with me and walk around with brother so I don't have to leave him that early on, so I'll definitely see you then!


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