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5 snack ideas for baby.

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My girls have been slow to the solids game. They much prefer to nurse, nurse, nurse, and we didn't really do much baby food, instead, chose to go what some term as the "baby-led weaning" route.  I admit that early on, I had to remind myself more than once to actually feed them in addition to nursing. But they're eating more and more, so I've had to get creative to find meals that introduce new flavors and textures.

The food is nothing fancy, I just offer them what was/is on our plates and see what they like and don't so much like (yet). I read somewhere that you should offer a food to them 3-4 times before really determining if they truly don't like it. Then, don't write off that food, wait a week or so. Their taste buds seem to change fairly quickly!

But I'm not fooling myself. They've been adventurous eaters so far, but I'm giving them as much nutrient-dense food as I can, because I know that any moment, they might decide that all they want to eat is parmesan crackers and carrots.

How do I decide what to feed them? For babies their age (one year), the focus is still on brain growth, and that means FAT. Fat, fat, fat. Not fried foods, of course, but really good fats from butter, avocado, egg yolks, coconut oil, olive oil, and wild seafood and good meats. The most helpful resource has been Nina Planck's wonderful book, Real Food for Mother and Baby. I highly recommend it. You can also download her guide to Baby's First Foods here.

These are their 5 current snack favorites - Maybe your kids might like them, too? You never know 'till you try (and try, and try...)

1. Sea Snax with 100% olive oil (Roasted seaweed sheets that are chock full of goodness like iodine, selenium, and other minerals hard to come by in the typical diet.)

2. Salmon Caviar (Ikura) from Vital Choice (These are like little "salty peas" that have been great for the girls to practice their pincer grasp. They are also an excellent source of omega-3s. They are a bit expensive up front, but I bought 2 containers almost five months ago and have not even made it through the first container, so it's worth it! I give them 1/2 - 1 tsp. full at a time, still frozen. They thaw out very quickly.)

3. Parmesan Crisps (SO EASY! They're just baked shredded parmigiano-reggiano cheese, you can find a recipe here)


4. Bubbies Pickles (Ruthie's particular favorite, these are made without vinegar, naturally fermented and full of probiotics!)

5. Eggs (scrambled with a little heavy cream, homemade chicken stock, and sea salt)

Oh, and one more, just to make it an even six:

6. HappyTot Organic Superfood Pouches with Chia Seeds (I love these and found them completely by accident, but I always keep a few in my pantry for road trips or longer afternoons out, they're perfect!)

Want more creative ideas? The Mommypotamus wrote a great list of 21 easy "real food" snack ideas for kids!

What's your favorite creative or surprising baby or toddler snack food?


  1. hello there! i don't know how i ended up at your blog but i'm glad i did. it's always nice to meet a fellow crunchy twin mom :-) my twins love eggs, beans, hummus, bananas, blueberries, well i could keep going... they are big eaters.
    can't wait to read your birth story once you get it up. and also just followed you on twitter. looking forward to connecting with you.

    1. So great to meet you, glad you ended up here! :) One of my girls is a big eater (her dad jokes that she has her mom's hollow leg) and the other one is a grazer.

      I look forward to getting to know you and already got lost on your blog this morning. LOVE connecting with other bf'ing, "crunchy" twin mamas...there aren't many of us, but I think we're important because we're a living example that it CAN be done and done enjoyably :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    love this!! i try to limit grains (and am getting more lax as the months go by, oops)...i have to say lu really loves her some milk-makin' oatmeal with butter, HWC, and flax with a little maple syrup. we eat our bowls together :) great ideas! thank goodness for amazon prime and online shopping because a lot of that, sadly, i can' t get around here. xoxo!

  3. I bet Pearl would love the sea snax, I haven't tried those yet!

    1. I got them at Whole Foods - definitely try them! They were cautious at first, but the second time I gave some to them they devoured them and wanted more...

  4. oh man, i totally remember thinking: "it is so much easier to nurse!" and then i would forget to offer her solids. ha!

    that's slowly changing but nursing is certainly still more convenient most times.


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