Thursday, August 30, 2012

portland blogger meet up!

Last Sunday was the Portland Bloggers meet up!

I've come to look forward to these meet ups, it's three hours of kid-free adult conversation with some very lovely ladies: Jenni, Suzannah, Samantha, Kira, Jade Rose, Susannah, Laura, Bee, Kate, Jessica...we have quite a crowd! Men are welcome, and have attended before, but this time it was just us girls.

We had treats, drinks, enjoyed workshops from Macey from Motormouth Studio and Becky from Studio 623, goodies from Dijana's Designs and A Beautiful Mess, and I won a nifty little camera tripod from Jenni.

I left with some new friends and a ton of tips and pointers on photography and iPhone-ography. I'm more convinced than ever that I do, in fact, need an iPhone. Soon. That would help.

Do you live in the Portland area? You should come! Visit the PDX Bloggers site for more info.


  1. It was super fun and I feel a lot more confident with my camera now!

    1. me too! And it makes me want to get a nice(r) camera and an iPhone! ;)


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