Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend walk in the woods

This weekend, we all needed some fresh air and a respite from the city, so we took to the mountain and walked through Forest Park. We are so lucky to have the largest city park within a 5 minute drive! It was the girls' first "hike" and they were fascinated with everything.

They had us laughing the whole time. Afton had a big leaf in one hand and a stick in the other for most of the hike. She wasn't too happy when we took the leaf away after we discovered she was eating most of it, and she clutched her stick tightly for the remainder of the walk. Ruthie had a much bigger stick and used it to brush my hair, pat my back, and point to all the things that she found interesting. They pointed to the sky, the trees, the dirt, the leaves, Afton says "bah bah bah!" and bounces up and down, and Ruthie was jabbering on saying, "ahh, ah ah!" and "ma! ma!" while shaking her stick.

Watching the joy on their faces as they played with leaves and sticks filled me with excitement and anticipation for the years to come.  I kept imagining the girls running through the woods, exclaiming over flowers and ferns and little creatures, getting dirt under their fingernails, feet covered in dust, collecting moss and rocks and pretty looking leaves, and I remembered when I was a child, with my coveted seashell collection that took up a few shoe boxes in my closet. It was precious treasure and are precious memories.

I wonder what sorts of treasure my girls will store in shoe boxes in their closet.

As long as it's not creepy bugs, (please oh please!) I'm all for it!

What treasures do your kids collect - or what did YOU collect as a child? 



  1. I've had this on the brain, too! We went for a hike at a state park last weekend and found the most beautiful treasure: a tail feather from a redtail hawk. It made me think of the treasures Boo Radley would leave for Scout and Jem, actually. :)

    p.s. I haven't been around much in the blog-world lately and i wanted to tell you how much I love the new header and look of your blog! Beautiful.

  2. You guys are so cute. Love those girlies


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