Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing the Umi Sling!


You guys, I'm so excited!!

Although I've been posting on the blog (I really enjoyed the 31 Days series but it wiped me OUT!) I have been MIA from most other social media hangouts. Why?

I've been sewing my little brains out to launch my new project!

I am a big fan of babywearing. The easiest way I've found to wear my girls is with one in a Boba on my back and one in a ring sling. I made my first ring sling about six months ago and have since fallen in love with this type of baby carrier. It's quick, easy, and fun to wear. I made some for friends, and after receiving compliments, I tucked it away in my head for a "maybe later" endeavor.

The idea popped back up about two months ago, and I was wondering if I really wanted to go for it and how to go about creating something that I would want to do indefinitely.

Then, I read the story of Umi and Komi on my lovely friend Adriel Booker's blog, The Mommyhood Memos. I had participated in the Bloggers for Birth Kits drive, so reading about Project Baby Bilum hit me hard and I knew instantly what I wanted to do with my ring slings.

We're all familiar with Toms, right? Most of us have a pair (or want one). This is the same idea - a one-for-one. For every Umi Sling sold, I will make another one and donate it to Project Baby Bilum. Once I have 40-50 slings, I'll vacuum pack them and send them to Adriel, and she'll deliver them to the women of Bamio when she returns to Papua New Guinea.

And for those of us who don't need a baby carrier (or don't have a friend who needs one, etc.) there is a ""Give a Ring Sling" option in my shop. For $25, you can give a ring sling to Project Baby Bilum. It covers the cost of fabric, rings, labor, and shipping to Adriel in Australia.

About the Umi Sling

The Umi Sling is a modern, customizable, functional ring sling made with 100% organic cotton, aluminum rings, and currently available in black or hazelnut with 7 Moda chevron accent choices. More variations will be available soon, too!

When you purchase an Umi Sling, you get a well-made, durable, single-layer 100% organic cotton ring sling at an affordable price. Each sling is designed and made right here at my kitchen table. The Umi Sling can be used to wear newborns through toddlers (8-30 lbs). The sling is fully adjustable and easy to tote along on any adventure. The tail can be used as a nursing cover, too!

Do you want to help?

Here's what I'd love to ask of you:

1) Read Umi and Komi's story on Adriel's blog and consider gifting a ring sling to Project Baby Bilum through the "Give a Ring Sling" option in my shop. You can also gift one - perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

2) Spread the word! Tweet, Facebook, Pin It, tell people. Help be a catalyst for change in rural Papua New Guinea.

3) And of course, if you're looking for a well-made and pretty ring sling for yourself or a friend, check out my Umi Sling listings in my shop. 

This is babywearing with a purpose. Join us! 


  1. Love love love love love

  2. yes, me too - love love love love!!!!! :)

    of course i love this. will be promoting through my networks this weekend when i have some time. i hope this project goes well for so many reasons, and am proud of you for launching a business with HEART. love it megan. love it so much. and as much as you want to support these women, i also really want to support you in this endeavor. like i said - love it on SO many levels!! x

    p.s. did i overuse the word 'love'? ;)

  3. Ahhhh you have such a way with words friend! Pulled me right in. You are such an inspiration!


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