Saturday, December 8, 2012

our first family pictures {16 months later}

I can't believe we didn't have any professional family pictures taken for 16 MONTHS!

I had the girls' pictures done - not newborn, sadly wasn't that organized, when they were three months old. But after that, it was grab a shot here or there whenever family or friends were around to take one for us.

Finally, our local twins club had the opportunity to schedule mini-shoots with a great local photographer named Jenni Price. She does amazing newborn photography, especially of twins, so I'm kicking myself that I didn't coordinate that way before I had the girls.

So I signed up, we met at a local park, and now we finally have some pictures to frame! The bottom photo of the girls is our Christmas/New Years card. Yay!

Here's a few of our favorites:


  1. love them! you all look so great and their EYES!! so beautiful :)

    1. I know aren't their eyes so pretty!?! I just love 'em.

  2. LOVE these!!! What a beautiful family you have been blessed with! Hope you're all doing well!

  3. SO SO SO SO adorable. I love the one where you're both kissing the girls! They are all so fantastic. What a darling little family of four you are!

  4. beautiful!! we just got ours done too! i haven't had pro photos taken since our wedding!

  5. LOVE These! So precious. She did a great job. :)


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