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BabyWeightTV Review: online fitness classes for moms & moms-to-be

Squeezing exercise into my busy day is no easy task. There seems to be so many things that I'd rather be doing...but I recognize the importance of taking care of my body, both for my physical and emotional stamina.

I don't do many reviews on this blog, so you know that when I do it's something I really believe in. When Micky Marie Morrison, physical therapist, certified perinatal fitness educator, and the author of the book Baby Weight and the creator of the mama-focused fitness website BabyWeightTV contacted me about reviewing her site, I was excited to see what kind of content she offered.

What I found surpassed my expectations - over 70 different videos for every mother at every stage: pregnancy, postnatal, and post-postnatal, even videos specifically for mamas who are recovering from C-sections. As a subscription-based service, you pay monthly for the service or you can download individual videos to your computer for as little as 99 cents.

Morrison was prompted to create BabyWeightTV after the release of her book and her group class series CoreMama led to an increased request for classes all over and a DVD. She wondered how to share her vision, knowledge and experience with more women, and recognized that we women are busy and may find it difficult to make it to scheduled classes (amen!). Many of us also live in areas without access to prenatal or postpartum focused classes. And so BabyWeightTV was born!

While pregnant, I walked a lot, went to a wonderful prenatal yoga class at Zenana Spa as often as possible, but eventually my activity tapered off after experiencing preterm labor and really strong braxton-hicks contractions. I had the intention of doing a video at home, but I never could find one that made me look forward to replacing the Gilmore Girls DVDs that looped continuously in my final days of pregnancy.

After I had the girls, I felt extremely weak. I didn't like it at all. I slowly regained my strength as the girls grew heavier, and as they became more mobile, I moved with them. Still, it was hard to carve out time in my day to devote to exercise. I also didn't want to jeopardize my milk supply, so I was hesitant to get gung-ho about any postpartum fitness routine.

And I missed it. Sometimes you just need a good sun salutation and some deep breaths to recharge your mood and to make you feel strong again, right? On BabyWeightTV, there's a video for that.

Looking for something gentle and invigorating, or want to work on your breath to prepare for labor? The YogaMama videos are perfect. They can be paired together with other videos to create your own custom yoga session, and many are suitable for both prenatal and postnatal. She also offers videos for mamas who have had C-sections, starting at 4-6 weeks post-op.

Want to firm up and get back your core strength? Her CoreMama classes are challenging and includes your baby in the exercises! The PowerMama classes combine core work with stretching and balance exercises.

But perhaps my favorite videos are the Soothing Mama's Woes series of videos, aimed at treating the most common aches and pains and physical complaints of motherhood- sciatica, neck and shoulder pain (my biggest problem), diagnosing diastasis recti, and relieving lower back pain.

There's even more content that I haven't talked about - cooking videos, relaxing meditation - this site is a gold mine. Plus, they add a new video every week and are working on a Cardio series. I'm not much of a cardio person - I love how yoga makes me feel - but I will definitely give it a fair shot.

It's clear that Micky is passionate about promoting the wellbeing of mothers at all stages, and what I appreciate is that her site is focused on the health - not dress size or scale number - of every woman. The videos are encouraging and the fitness models are refreshingly normal and healthy looking. There's just a great feel to it all. And there is no pressure if you aren't doing the advanced videos right off the bat - in fact, she states, "You may be in a hurry to get back in to shape, but you can't rush nature. Respect where you are today and progress naturally."

While I can't speak to the book (I haven't read it yet), I can definitely give my full support to Micky and the BabyWeightTV website and highly recommend it to you, because it's promoting health in a positive way - something lifelong and attainable for every mother at every fitness level. Yes!

Want to learn more? Sign up for a free 30 day trial using the code BOHO and experience all that BabyWeightTV has to offer. 

Do you live in Portland? Come hear Micky speak at Zenana Spa and Wellness Center on April 13th at 10:30 a.m.! Reserve your spot and two raffle tickets for a book giveaway and subscription to BabyWeightTV by calling Zenana at 503-238-6262.

She'll talk about getting and staying in shape during and after pregnancy, and offer tips on carving out time for exercise - something most of us would benefit from! 


  1. Ooh I stopped by to see if your food carnival post was up yet but in glad I read this instead. Totally doing the free trial!!

    1. Yes, I hope you do! It's a really great site! :)

  2. Online fitness classes for moms-to-be is absolutely fantastic. Some months ago I saw my neighbor going in MyFitnessBoutique. I was surprised that time. Buy now she have a healthy cute baby.


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