Friday, April 26, 2013

new sun hats and "peek-boo"

The sun has been out in the Pacific Northwest (yay!) and we've been out enjoying it...but the girls had grown out of last year's sun hats! A quick trip to Old Navy and problem solved.

And they love to play "Peek Boo."

It's pretty dang cute. And it occupies them for a good half hour!

Happy Spring! 


  1. so cute! I just found a sun hat for my little girl yesterday but it's a bit too big for her still. She's a petite little 3 month old :)

  2. So cute! It's about time for me to make a similar shopping trip for my little boy.

    I have a question for you. What are your thoughts about sunblock for babies? I want to guard their skin against the sun, but I hate to slather chemicals all over them. I have a tube of Earth's Best SPF 45 sunblock that I used sparingly last summer, but we have a lot more outdoor plans this summer. I just wondered if you have any thoughts on this.


  3. I have a large headed 4 year old. adams sh101 hat fits her perfectly right now. I don't see how any 7 year old with a typically sized head could wear this.


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